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1. What is eduroam?
eduroam (education roaming) is a global wireless LAN roaming infrastructure used among 69 countries that allows users from member institutions to access participating wireless networks using credentials from their home institution.  Introduced to Japan in 2006, and member institutions increased to 74 at the time of July 2014.

2. What can I do by eduroam?
When “chiba-u.jp” users travel to participating institutions, they can connect to the eduroam SSID and access the internet. When visitors from other eduroam member institutions come to university, they can simply gain wireless network access with their home-institution credentials. No extra effort is required as connection setup is common on the eduroam.
3. Reminders to use eduroam for “chiba-u.jp”users.
  1. Be sure you are totally responsible to access eduroam.  Do not ask IMIT about connection trouble when you are outside of campus.
  2. Be sure do not trouble any other eduroam member institutions about connections when you visit there.
  3. Handle your account number and password properly by yourself.  Do not ask IMIT or member institutions about password when you are outside of campus.
  4. Do the virus check all the time.
  5. Try to connect eduroam at university before using at other member institutions.
  6. For more details, read the site below.