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2-Step Verification - log in to webmail from external network

When you log in to Webmail from external network, OTP (One Time Password *) must be required due to strengthen security from April 24, 2018.
*One-time password : One time disposable password issued every time.
When you connect to webmail from an off-campus network such as home PC, smartphone, etc., a 2 step authentication method will be taken to strengthen security.
It will be necessary to input "one-time password" in addition to "email address" and "password" to log in.

OTP will be sent to an email address other than [@chiba-u.jp].
To use this authentication system, it is necessary to access "User profile settings" from a terminal connected to the campus network, and register an email address other than [@chiba-u.jp] as the receiver the OTP.
Once setup is complete, a one-time password will be sent to your registered email address when you try to log in to webmail.

Enter your full university's email address and password, then click [LOGIN].

The one-time password input screen will be shown.

OTP will be sent to the registered email address.
Enter "one-time password", then click [send].

Login succeeded !!


Refer to PDF file.
  • POINTs
  • Webmail URL is not change. (https://cuacmsrv.chiba-u.jp/)
  • The webmail login screen from external network is as follows.

    *This login screen is shown from campus network.
  • Login from campus network is as usual.
  • Sending / receiving by email software, there is no influence.
Click "User Profile Setting" and log in with user ID and password.

Click "Multi-factor authentication setting"
・【OTP disable/enable】>>>【enable】
・【Where to send OTP】>>> Enter your e-mail address for receiving OTP.
  • E-mail address to register: Please set an e-mail address (eg mobile phone e-mail) that can be checked immediately.
  • After setting, 'Setting Complete Mail' will not be sent to registered address.

For setting method in case that several people use one e-mail address, refer to Q7 of Q&A.